Beint í efni

Cement of the future

We support ecological construction and sustainability with more environmentally friendly cement for the construction industry.


Importation from Norway

Cement imported to Iceland

Sementsverksmiðjan (Iceland Cement) receives cement from the Norwegian producer Norcem. The cement arrives by sea, and the loose cement is pumped from the vessels into cement containers. The cement containers are located in Akranes and Akureyri.

Quality control is important to us, and we make sure our cement fulfills all the quality requirements our clients expect. All imported cement is therefore subject to active monitoring in accordance with the EN 197-2:2000 cement standard.

Carbon injection in cement production

Carbon capture and injection

Our cement provider Norcem, has in co-operation with Norwegian authorities undertaken one of the most comprehensive carbon capture and injection projects in Northern-Europe. Plans anticipate that at least half of the cement factory’s carbon emissions will be captured and injected into fully utilised oil wells in the North Sea.

With this carbon injection, the carbon footprint of cement from Norcem will be significantly reduced when the project starts in 2023. Subsequently, the goal is set on a completely carbon-neutral cement production.


Storage and delivery

The cement is stored in specially equipped tanks and clients have a choice of delivery options.

Large amounts of loose cement can be delivered with a contractor handling the delivery. Cement can also be purchased in bulk bags that can carry up to 1.5 tons, or bagged cement by the pallet. 20 kg bags of cement are also available with resellers across the country.